Staffed by a number of dedicated parishioners, this is a wonderfully effective way to pray for all who are in need of help



Week of October 27th:  Marie Garcia, Bill P.

Week of November 3:  Walter O'C., Bill C., family and friends of Elizabeth H. and Hank M.

Week of November 10th:  Carol D. Meyer, Marie Garcia, Bill C.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                               HOME BOUND OR LONG TERM CARE


Barbara B., Mary Jo W., Hilda R., Evelyn G., Donna T., Doris H., Emily H., Barbara G., Ann D., Anne M. and Carol A.

Donna Taylor is a long-time member of our parish who has been a resident of Meadowview Nursing Home in Northfield, NJ for several years. Mother Martha would visit with her on occasion and often sent her greetings.  Those who know Donna are asked to please continue this contact, and even if you didn't know her you may wish to reach out to her. Her contact information is in the church directory.


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